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Welcome to the Website of the Central Vermont Ninjutsu


We study the martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu through direction of the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo of Japan. We are a small training group located in the beautiful green mountains of Barre, Vermont and operate under the guidance of Shihan Oliver Martin, 12th Dan and Mike Kinsman, 4th Dan.


The Training

Training is held in a informal relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on learning, not ego or competition. The main principles come from body movement (Taijitsu), which empower the student to deal naturally with a wide range of situations. The main areas of our training include:

  • Ukemi : rolling , leaping and re-directing the force of an enemy’s attacks;
  • Daken Taijitsu: striking , including punching , kicking and use of the whole body as a weapon;
  • Gyaku Waza : Locking of joints and the breaking of the opponent’s balance;
  • Nage : Throws and counters to them;
  • Mutodori : Unarmed defense against attackers;
  • Weapons or "Tools" as we like to call them include Hambo, Jo, Bo staff, Boken, Knife, Yari, Naginata, Archery and more. Our advanced students study live blade target work called Tamashigiri (mat cutting).

We train indoors in really bad weather, but prefer to train up in our local mountains when we can. It’s really fun, beautiful, and natural up there! Our training is very diverse and comprehensive, we use all the traditional weapons, such as bo staff, jo, and hambo. We also learn to fight with keys, pens and even tire irons. Nature helps us as we learn to run up trees, do some pullups on a branch, drop down and roll away ( who needs a gym?). All this with smiles on our faces! We also never forget that this is a serious martial art; we feel indebted to the Bujinkan, under the leadership of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi.


Training Schedule

Our Beginner/Open classes are offered on Tuesday at 6:00PM; Advanced classes are Friday at 9:30 - 11:00AM. If you are interested in visiting the club, please call Sensei Mike Kinsman (training since 1996) at 802-476-6139  or email  to arrange for a visit. The first class is free. For videos and even more information on Budo Taijitsu (Modern Ninjitsu), visit Shihan Oliver Martin's web site at



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